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15+ Years of Experience

Young Men of Honor

15+ Years Of Experience

Savannah, GA

Our mission is to inspire and enable young men to develop positive leadership and decision-making skills by providing educational activities in which broaden their cultural and social experiences.

The Young Men of Honor is an educational enrichment program that serves underprivileged young men ages 8-18 years old in Savannah, Ga. 

The program furthers its purpose by helping inner-city at-risk males develop through their formative years of transition into productive young adults by creating a nurturing environment focused on the total individual.

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YMOH Programs

Below are some of the programs and initiatives that our sponsors and donors have allowed us to maintain and create.

Culture Experiences

Assistance sought for yearly summer educational trips.

Each year we take our boys on summer excursions and college tours. These experiences allow the young men to further explore Black history, both locally and globally, which is a central theme throughout the school year.



$30,000 Goal


Providing Mentorship and After School Enrichment Programs

Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds and provide support, encouragement, and unique perspectives to young men, helping to boost self-confidence and offer constructive feedback for long-term growth. YMOH meets every week. During our program, we feed the children and provide enrichment activities for them to participate in.



$20,000 Goal


Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony

An annual awards ceremony is held at the end of each school year, where the young men’s accomplishments are recognized by parents, caregivers, family members, teachers, school administrators, and community leaders.



$15,000 Goal

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Parent's Reviews

The Young Men of Honor Program has been one of the most outstanding programs that my sons are a part of. They taught them to be better young men and strive for excellence. They taught them about respect for themselves and others. The speakers have given them inspiration and motivation to persevere. They learned etiquette, behavior, financial literacy, and other things that empower their growth. There aren’t many programs for young men besides sports, so this program was the best choice for my sons, said my younger son Miles. Thank you again, Mr. & Mrs. Jackson.
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall
The Young Men of Honor and Mr. & Mrs. Jackson have mentored many young men exceptionally. Their kindness, willingness to share their experiences, and wisdom while listening closely to their concerns. These are all qualities that have helped mold the Young Men of Honor. Beyond that, they have always tried to help our young men become a better version of themselves. My son has been a part of Young Men of Honor since he was in the 5 th grade. While being a part of the Young Men of Honor, my son attended a field trip to Georgia Southern University and fell in love with engineering. He is now a Sophomore at Georgia Southern University majoring in Engineering. Grateful,
Ms. Nettles


What former students are saying about our program

Troy Jones YMOH Participant

The Young Men of Honor group has poured so much into me over the last 17 years of my life. When I joined this group I was able to see so many men who look just like me. They took the time to pour into me by teaching us about their success and the lessons they learned from their mistakes. Mrs. Jackson made sure to take us on trips around the United States to show us more than what Savannah had to offer. She was sure to highlight historical places, such as the Birmingham Bridge, where Martin Luther King Jr. and many other Civil Rights Leaders marched for our rights and freedoms that we have today. She also took us to Washington DC where we were able to see the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. This place is legendary to where Dr. MLK Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream Speech” Not only have I applied these lessons in my personal life but now that I have a son, I am applying those same learnings into him.

Nassir Washington YMOH Participant

Hello, my name is Nassir Washington and I have been a part of the young men of honor (YMOH) for the past 6 years. YMOH has made a tremendous impact on my life and my educational journey. I am a freshman at Georgia Southern University. My intent is to major in mechanical engineering. I would not be here if it wasn't for the motivation of the YMOH!

Justin Mckithen YMOH Participant

Justin McKithen attends Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Currently, he is playing football and working on a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and intends to obtain a master’s in Sports Management in the near future. Over the course of my 17 years as a member of YMOH, the organization has taught me how to survive on my own, how society functions in the real world, and that everything is earned through effort and respect. As an older member of the group, I now serve as role models for the younger generation, demonstrating how to achieve success and how to assist the community and those in their immediate vicinity. Over the years, the young men of honor taught me that you can be and do anything you put your mind to, even though many things in the world will tell you otherwise. A message that always stuck with me and that I would like to share with the youth comes from Harriet Tubman which states “Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

"Where there is no vision, there is no hope"

by George Washington Carver


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