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It takes heart and the right tools to mind the gold in our children, every child is a precious jewel to us and deserves every chance to be productive. Only If we dig deep enough, we will find the love and value that our children have.  Despite the socio-economic and environmental challenges, they face every day, these young men believe they can be successful.

The Young Men of Honor meet once a week after school.  Young men must come to the program meetings “dressed for success” with a white shirt and tie.  When they enter the room they recite their motto and creed, and the activity for the afternoon is introduced.  The sessions include a motivational guest speaker, a mini-workshop, a field trip, etiquette training, public speaking skills, a presentation on a health issue, or other topics that are relevant to young men.


The purpose of the Young Men of Honor is to prevent them from falling through the cracks of society by becoming the safety net that provides them with the mindset and tools to be productive. The Young Men of Honor educates, motivates, and encourages our youth to take their place as a vital part of the community and bridges the opportunity gaps that prevent them from seeing a pathway to success in Savannah and beyond.

Objectives of Our Program


Give generously with your in-kind donations.

 Instead of giving money to buy needed goods and services, the goods and services themselves are given to YMOH. There are so many ways you in helping us make a difference today!  Some of the needs that we have currently: Black ties & black and gold ties White dress shirts Black pants No sleeve vest ( burgundy) Laminator machine Projector and screen Snacks Copy paper Laptops printer

Goal: $10,000   

The Founders

Our Mentors

Meet those who help with the YMOH program.

Here are some of the people who help in keeping Young Men of Honor going. 

Our Mentors

Our Mentors

Success Stories

What are some of our graduates doing after YMOH?

2022 Graduate of Woodsville Thompkins High School, Vice President of senior class. On his way to Georgia Southern University.

Zaylin Scott YMOH Participant

James Thompson was named a Horatio Alger State Scholar at Savannah Early College. He received a $10,000 scholarship to be used in pursuit of a bachelors degree.

James Thompson YMOH Participant

He attends Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Currently, he is playing football and working on a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and intends to obtain a master’s in Sports Management in the near future.

Justin Mckithen YMOH Participant

If I had to pick an adjective to explain the role of Young Men of Honor Inc in my life it would grateful. My name is Drequan Chisholm, a recent class of 2022 graduate of Morehouse College. Without Young Men of Honor, I would not be able to type the words in pervious sentence. My story with YMOH started at a very critical point in life. I was a high school freshman with no idea or plan for what my future would look like. My summer with YMOH we tour Morehouse College, that tour was the day that changed my life forever. After that summer trip I decided that I wanted to go to Morehouse necessary and Mr. and Mrs. Jackson made sure that dream would become reality. I gain the entire YMOH family as my village that supported me through the ups and downs. Because of my time with YMOH I started to mentor younger children at a local elementary school in Atlanta, Ga. The work that Mr. and Mrs. Jackson do is a true testament of a Ram in the bush. I am and will always be indebted to Young Men of Honor Incorporated as for them I am a Morehouse Man on mission to lead a life of leadership and service.

Drequan Chisholm YMOH Participant
Aryonte Lee YMOH Participant